Warning to real estate investors!….avoid Dr. Luis Asilis and Group Metro

On the heels of a massive real estate development failure,…..Costablanca by Group Metro……


Group Metro, a leading real estate and transportation company based in the Dominican Republic, announced in 2016 they would start construction on a new resort development….Las Quintas:

Metro Group starts construction of Las Quintas real estate’ tourism project

To all potential investors, we would advise strong caution.   Dr. Luis Asilis has fraudulently swindled several investors in their Costablanca project, which fell into abandonment in 2011.   Dr. Luis Asilis, the President and CEO of Group Metro, has fully acknowledged this failure and yet continues to keep all investor monies to date.

One of Dr. Asilis’s main agents of marketing for the Costablanca development, was Mr. Steven Ankrom….it was Mr. Ankrom’s job to obtain substantial cash deposits from investors, and knowingly retain these deposits, even though investors were left high and dry.   To this day, Mr. Ankrom has suffered no negative re-percussions for his fraudulent wrong doing.   In fact, he has grown his marketing operation since the Costablanca failure….


Another colluding participant, was a local realtor, Mr. Anders Bogebjerg, who runs Palmera Villas…..https://palmeravillas.com/ 

Mr. Bogebjerg and Mr. Ankrom are nothing more than snake oil salespeople.   Once they get your deposits, your have lost your investment.

To understand a bit more about Dr. Asilis, please note the link below, which every investor should read before investing with Group Metro.

A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma, Wrapped in Palm Leaves and Coconut Fronds.

To all investors in future projects represented by Group Metro and Dr. Luis Asilis, we would advise strong caution and to proceed carefully


The following is an excellent website which monitors various activities in the Dominican Republic……the Dominican Watchdog….http://www.dominicanwatchdog.org/dominican_news

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